Downtown Mountain View 1957

Acrylic on canvas 36"X48"


Downtown Mountain View is one of many San Francisco Bay Area towns located along the Southern Pacific Train Route (known presently as Cal Train), connecting Gilroy to San Francisco. The painting looks north across The El Camino Real into downtown. This thriving shopping district included The Mountain View Theater, Mountain View High School and Lucky's Grocers. Mancini's Motors was located on the south east end of the corner.

The Mountain View Sign, which bent around the curves of right turn lanes connecting Castro Street with the north side of The El Camino Real, were erected in 1922. They were moved once when The El Camino Real was widened. According to the June 9, 1957 Mountain View Register, Planning Commissioner Robert Lewis lead a campaign to raise the signs because the traffic. Today the signs are gone and the Chevron Gas Station has been replaced with a small park.

After several years of remodeling, Castro Street has once again become a major player in The Santa Clara Valley, enticing people back into the area with an array of cafes, bookstores and a performing arts theater.