Penny Cest At age 5, intruders entered Penny's home and murdered her parents while in bed. Penny and their butler managed to escape injury while hiding in the closet. The intruders were never caught.

Fearing his safety, the butler fled back to his homeland in the Orient and brought Penny along. Placing Penny in a temple deep in the hills, she became a master at several martial art styles by her teens.

When Ms. Cest returned to the States at age 21, she began to study law enforcement. She was soon hired as a beat cop for the San Francisco Police Department.

Captain Berneti noticed her keen skills and promoted her into the homicide division, where she soon became one of SFPDs most valued police officers. Sometimes she had unconventional ways of dealing with criminals, but she always got the job done on her own terms.



Jean Sigfried Daughter of a German immigrant, Ms. Sigfried grew up in Los Angeles County. While attending junior college, Jean met the love of her life, Jake Mathis, a part time actor. A large wedding was to be the beginning of a fairy tale marriage.

On the wedding day, Jake was a no-show, but instead a clown in a suit entered the church and danced up to the alter, approaching the bride. "Sorry, doll," said the clown, "Jake changed his mind!" He then broke into a shrieking laugh and handed her some dead roses at the while surprised wedding attendants looked on.

It was learned that Jake fell in love with a soap opera star on one of the sets and hired the clown to break the news to Jean.

At that point, she declared all men evil and vowed to get even. While attending a computer convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center, she met Sidney Bekon, who was hiring people for his new startup. Bekon seemed sympathetic to her problem and offered her a job as a lobby receptionist for Bekon Microdevices.

However, Bekon's real motive was to use her revenge to test his new deadly microchip.



Sidney Bekon Born in 1953, this San Francisco Bay Area native was the youngest of four children. He spoke his first words at age one and had mastered the piano at age three. By age five, Sidney had broken mathematical formulas that the worlds leading mathematicians couldn't solve.

In 1976, he developed a low cost mini computer and started his company, Empire Computers. In 1984, the company went public and kept Bekon as CEO. While a genius at ones and zeros, he was terrible at business. The company gave him a generous golden parachute and showed him the door.

Bored and lonely with several billions in assets, Sidney Bekon purchased some land in the Silicon Valley and built a huge research and development facility. Calling it Bekon Microdevices, this was nothing more than a front to create weird inventions. The first was a robot with artificail inteligents that had a woman's voice. Calling this contraption his girlfriend, he kept it in his office to keep him company. His main invension was microchip that altered brainwaves, making the recipient capable of human super strength and speed.



Cindy Taylor In 1984, Cindy attended her senior year in at a private California high school for the gifted. While other girls her age were swooning over the Backstreet Boys, Ms. Taylor was busy experimenting with computers.

Saving up from her part time job at a local mall, she purchased a state of the art Radio Shack computer and modem. From her bedroom, she managed to break into the NASA mainframe computer at the Kennedy Space Center and change the source code of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

For almost a year, the FBI was puzzled by who this intruder was. Assuming it was a foreign terrorist group bent on crippling the US space program, investigators were surprised that it was just the work of this unassuming teenage California girl.

Cindy spent 6 months in Federal lockup until Sidney Bekon's high priced layers were able to convince a judge to release her. Bekon immediately hired her as a lead programmer for his company.