Local artist Carroll launches comic strip

Santa Clara America News - October 11, 1985

Mike Carroll Jr., whose comic strip Cest the Cop debuts in this edition of The American, hopes he is settling into his ultimate type of art.

Carroll, 31, has had a lifetime interest in art but didn't actually start pursuing it until five years ago when he took some art classes at De Anza College.

Recently, Carroll has specialized in portraits.

"I'm more into drawing people, something with life in it, rather than doing landscapes." said Carroll whose father, Mike Carroll Sr., operates Roger's Automotive Service at 1481 Main St. in Santa Clara.

"That's why I'm interested in cartooning."

Carroll, a Santa Clara resident who graduated from Peterson High School and now attends Mission College as well as holding down a job at Apple Security, in Fremont, doesn't want to give any secrets away, but does give some insight into Cest the Cop.

"She's a cop in San Francisco--like a female version of 'Dirty Harry'," he said. "She will be an expert in Karate."

Carroll believes that anyone can learn how to draw, but there are factors that separate the outstanding artist.

"Anyone can learn how to draw if they have the determination," he said. "But it can be very frustrating at first. You do alot of stumbling and falling, but I would compare it with learning how to learning how to write."

"The really great artists have the ability to see things in a certain way to put it on canvas. They have a balance and creativity."

As far as other hobbys, Carroll doesn't stray far from the art field.

"Basically, my interests are in the art field." he said. "One of my classes at Mission College is model making class."

Carroll feels that he can express people in action in cartooning and The American is confident readers will appreciate his efforts. A four-panel strip of Cest the Cop will run weekly in the American.


Hates crime comics

Santa Clara America News - October 18, 1985


You have to be kidding. That is not a comic strip. That is a horror strip. In your paper, Oct. 11, "Local artist Carroll launches comic strip." I am ashamed that he is a local from the public schools. Quote: The American is confident readers will appreciate his efforts. Will you please leave it out of my issue.

What does Dusty do? "Penny Cest Highly Trained Police Officer," -- My God. I'm glad I know some officers. This is the beginning, when you want people to believe our department is such.

Joe Vargas
Santa Clara