Cest the Cop was originally conceived in 1979, inspired by a college friend named Celest who's ambition was to become a police officer.

In October, 1985, Cest the Cop: The Corvette Killer was launched as a weekly comic strip for The Santa Clara American News. All characters in the story were fictitious and created from the artist's vivid imagination. The series lasted until June of 1986, in which I decided to drop it due to a heavy work load. The American was located in the heart of the Silicon Valley until around 1990, when it ceased operations.

The comic strip was very controversial for its time. In a male dominant world, an attractive woman fought crime using some rather provocative methods. Needless to say, the newspaper received some interesting letters in response to the piece.

In the mid-nineties, I decided to update the original cartoon. Yes, computers have become a way of life in the present world versus that of a novelty in 1986. After scanning pen and ink art and digitally touching up the images, files were uploaded to my website. Shortly after, an animated cartoon trailer was created for download. Most recently, 3D versions of some of the characters are being offered through TurboSquid.

The Cest the Cop page has been a very popular asset to the artist's work. According to site statistics, it has been getting a very large response, which include fans from The San Jose Mercury News, Cisco Systems®, Adobe Systems®, Oracle Systems®, Disney Corporation® and Apple Computer®.

-Mike Carroll Jr.