This gem was found in a 1957 Sunnyvale High School yearbook!

By Mike Carroll Jr.

In the late fifties along a once baron El Camino Real, burger stands began to appear in the Santa Clara Valley. These were small businesses started mainly by ambitious young families in an attempt to cash in on the American dream.

One such eatery was Bit's Hamburger, located on El Camino just west of Mary Avenue in Sunnyvale, CA.

While most burger joints of the time offered the usual burgers and fries, Bit's cooked a special potato nugget that melted in your mouth.

In the mid-sixties, Bit's remodeled the stand to compete with a McDonalds a block away. Awnings were places along the roof edge to give it a more modern look.

The frame structure still exits today, but looks much different from what the local high schoolers would remember. The exterior has been remodeled into a full-service restaurant.